Caribe Chic Tall Side Table Marble


Colour Variant
2 available for Quickship
Product number: 01ACAMH-D

Height: 500 mm
Diameter: 460 mm

Galvanized and powder coated tubular steel. PVC strings made from recycled plastic. Nero marquinia unito marble

The Caribe Chic Tall Side Table Marble is an elegant design by Sebastian Herkner and can be used inside and outdoors. It’s part of our Caribe Chic collection, featuring an intricate hand-woven webbing in earthy, muted shades. The table top comes in three different types of fine Italian marble. All Caribe Chic pieces and colours are inspired by the incredible nature of the Colombian Huila region where the serene Tatacoa desert meets the powerful Rio Magdalena
Each table is made in Santa Marta, a city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, by local craftspeople. They weave the PVC strings, which are made from recycled plastic, around a powder coated tubular steel frame. The weaving technique the artesanos and artesanas use is called Momposino, a traditional method known for intricate patterns. Just the preparation of all the materials takes ten days, while the production of each table takes two days
German designer Sebastian Herkner is a long-term collaborator of ames and has visited Colombia multiple times to experience the country’s cities, nature and people first hand. He also visited many of the ateliers that ames has partnered with to learn about the unique traditional crafts of Colombia's regions. A sought-after contemporary designer and recipient of many industry awards, he has worked with many international design brands, creating intriguing pieces that showcase his intuition for interesting material, colour and texture combinations

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