Farols Pendant Large


Delivery up to 40 days
Product number: 00AMFLS3L-E

Height: 260 mm
Diameter: 1400 mm

Yarn, steel wire

Care instructions
Dust off carefully with a duster or dust cloth.

The Farols lamps, designed by Mae Engelgeer, will brighten up any room – not only with their soft glow but also with the vibrant colours of their hand-woven frames. The Dutch designer came up with these eye-catching lights when she witnessed Colombian artisans using ancient weaving techniques. ‘I wanted to create shapes that catch the light and simultaneously let it filter into the room,’ she says. All Farol lights share a dramatic expression thanks to Mae Engelgeer's masterful composition of contrasting proportions. The large pendant exudes elegance with its large overlapping circles, creating a harmonious flow. An oversized oval shade grows out of the structure of the angular floor light, the lines of the weaving elevating the intriguing contrast. And the small table lamp is semi-covered by a structured bonnet.
Each Farols lampshade is made in the ames ateliers in Bogota using yarns that, traditionally, the indigenous Wayuu people living in Northern Colombia use to make hammocks. Our craftspeople work with three different yarns to weave the pattern of one shade onto a steel wire frame, leaving enough fine gaps so the bulb's light can illuminate its surroundings. It takes a skilled artisan two days to make the small shade, four days for the medium size and eight days for the large version.
Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer felt always drawn to textiles – from her school days through her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to her Master's in applied art at the Sandberg Instituut. Since opening her studio in 2013, she has been driven by her interest in traditional craft techniques. Using yarns, colours, patterns and fabrics, she pushes the boundaries of textile production to adapt old techniques for the modern day. Mae Engelgeer's signature style combines subtle colour palettes, patterns and linear elements

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