Macranta Wall Decoration


Delivery up to 40 days
Product number: 00AWDF4-C

Width: 1000 mm
Height: 1000 mm

Fibres from Jipi palm leaves fibres

Care instructions
Protect from damp conditions and only use indoors. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the product

With Macranta, ames presents an extraordinary piece of wall decoration designed by Cristina Celestino. The floral ornament is inspired by Colombia’s largest orchid, the Coryanthes macrantha. These flowers only grow high above the ground in “ant-garden” nests built in the crown of trees. This association with ants allows them to produce large blossoms, measuring up to 12.5 cm, all year long. Cristina Celestino’s artistic ode to this fascinating orchid is a spectacular eyecatcher in any room: its diameter measures one meter. Each ornamental flower is made by hand with the fibres of the Jipi palm, using different techniques including knotting, weaving and braiding. The result is a balanced composition of fine lace-like details and playful spirals – two decorative styles that are popular in northern Colombia’s traditional artisanry
Macranta is made in Atlántico, a province in the north of Colombia. The artesanas, as the craftswomen are locally known, use a century-old weaving, knotting and braiding techniques that transforms the palm fibres into delicate lace-like ornaments. Both, the craft and the patterns, have been handed down over generations from one artisan to the next. Today, there are more than 65 different patterns in the region. Just the preparation and dyeing of all the fires takes up to five days, while the women work between 20 to 25 days on one piece
Cristina Celestino is one of the most prolific contemporary italian designers. Her products and interiors share a softness, often defined by curved lines, a love for pastel hues and subtle links to Italy's rich design heritage. She graduated from the school of architecture at IUAV University of Venice in 2005 and started working as an interior and furniture designer

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