Par Raya Rug


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Product number: 00AFR9-E

Width: 1600 mm
Depth: 2200 mm

100% Fique fibres from Furcraea leaves

Subtle colour combinations and a play with contrasts characterise the Par Raya Rug by Sebastian Herkner. The colour range for the stripe pattern mirrors the earthy, warm tones the designer saw when he visited the Huila region in Colombia. The rug is knotted with fibres that come from the leaves of the fique plant, a wild-growing agave-like tree. The rug is available in five different colour combinations and in three sizes
Each rug is knotted in small ateliers in the Santander region. The yarns are made up of 28 individual fibres, which are prepared in an elaborate process that takes seven days, which includes washing the leaves and soaking them for 15 hours before they are dried and brushed by hand. These hardwearing, long fibres have even flame retardant qualities. Then it takes one experienced artesano 20 days to make the actual rug, setting knot next to knot on a vertical loom
German designer Sebastian Herkner is a long-term collaborator of ames and has visited Colombia multiple times to experience the country’s cities, nature and people first hand. He also visited many of the ateliers that ames has partnered with to learn about the unique traditional crafts of Colombia's regions. A sought-after contemporary designer and recipient of many industry awards, he has worked with many international design brands, creating intriguing pieces that showcase his intuition for interesting material, colour and texture combinations

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