Muyska Rug


Delivery up to 40 days
Product number: 00ANERS-2

Width: 1300 mm
Depth: 2140 mm

100% natural virgin wool

Care instructions
Some shedding will occur when vacuuming the rug, especially in the beginning. We recommend cutting loose threads with a scissor or pull them in with a crochet needle. Vacuum rug regularly. As the fibres have been dyed by hand, each model’s colour varies slightly. To protect the colours, avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight over long periods and change its position regularly so the colours age evenly. We also recommend using an anti-slip underlay to reduce dust collection. Only use a professional rug cleaning service for the entire rug. The dimensions can vary minimally as each rug is made by hand

With Muyska, ames presents a hand-woven wool rug collection designed by Mae Engelgeer. The pieces showcase the Dutch designer’s signature aesthetic of geometric, abstract patterns, here expressed through overlapping stripes and colours gently fading into each other – an effect that’s actually woven into the fabric. The rug’s asymmetric outline contributes to the design’s contemporary aesthetic, mixing rounded and square corners. This collection is also a tribute to the Muisca people. These pre-hispanic civilisations lived in the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, a high plateau in the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes. They were known as masterful weavers who elevated this craft to a form of language, and it was an integral part of their culture. Seen as valuable as gold, their nobility not only used artistic textiles to protect them from the cold but also to showcase their social status. Additionally, these woven goods were accepted as a form of payment or offered to the gods
The rug is hand-woven and manufactured in a small family business based in the Colombian city of Nobsa. It takes three days to dye and prepare the wool fibres and an additional eight days to weave the rug
Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer felt always drawn to textiles – from her school days through her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to her Masters in applied art at the Sandberg Instituut. Since opening her studio in 2013, she has been driven by her interest in traditional craft techniques. Using yarns, colours, patterns and fabrics, she pushes the boundaries of textile production to adapt old techniques for the modern day. Mae Engelgeer’s signature style combines subtle colour palettes, patterns and linear elements

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